Detroit Police Precincts No Longer Open 24 Hours, Closing Early


Detroit is having more than a rough time of things, it’s in the middle of a Great Depression.   It’s going through it’s own private Katrina without the slightest offer of assistance; even with all the negative media attention.  Now compound the restless state of emergency the city is in with the declaration that the police precincts will now be closed to the public after 4pm and we, ladies and gentlemen, have a situation!

Scarface and Jay-Z have a song called “Get Out” and the hook is [our edited version]:

“And when the money get low and the hungriness show
People better get the heck out the house!”

The Mayor appears to be giving up on the city of Detroit by eliminating jobs in police precincts.  According to the Detroit Free Press, Detroit Police Cmdr. Steve Dolunt believes that the move will get more officers in touch with the needs of the community.  The plan is that the behind-the-desk jobs will be eliminated and some officers will be on the “beat.” 

But residents feel that it might just be the onset of extreme martial law.  Check out the story.  Is this happening in your city too?

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-J.C. Brooks


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