Have You Heard the ‘Silent Disco’?

You ever come home from the club and the next day you are horse from yelling over the music to your friends all night? Well, if you’re more tired from yelling than dancing the Silent Disco is where you want to be.

The phenomena isn’t new, but it is new to us.  According to MSNBC, the idea started in Europe over keeping the peace.  The noise ordinances were being broken by the volume of some parties, so they decided to cut the noise with wireless headphones.  The headphones are wired to three channels and the result is both entertaining and satisfying for all.

Imagine walking past such a sight and seeing everyone breaking out with their best moves on the dance floor in complete silence.  You can already imagine how much fun that is for onlookers.  The yelling is obliterated by simply taking off your headset and speaking in a normal tone to your friend. A total win win situation.

Jet Blue even gave a Silent Disco in their terminal. I can’t wait to be invited to the silent disco.  But, I think I’ll just hold my headphones in my hand most of the night.  The onlookers make out big in this one.  Check out the story here.

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