New Shoe Color is ‘Kentucky Negro’ ?

This story should’ve probably landed in our Jokey Joke section, but some are taking this foolishness serious enough to post it as an actual catastrophe.  The shoe company that was confronted by about their “Kentucky Negro” shoes explained their position.

Initially, Stylelite  reported the incident as racist and egregious.  But, the shoe company, Coclico, cleared up the misunderstanding saying that they import their shoes from Spain and they use “negro” for black all the time.  Now how Kentucky ended up in the translation is another story.  Coclico said that Kentucky is merely the type of leather they use.  They have a whole range of shoes in different names….none of them cities I recognize.  Well, with the exception of Vegas and Nappa.  I hope no one is losing it over Nappa.

Stylelite followed the tip about the “offensive footwear” from Twitter.  There are also other shoe companies named in the story as using the same moniker.  Check it out here.

-J.C. Brooks

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