Brooklyn Mother Abandons Children on Corner, Leaves Extra Diapers (Video)

Dalisha Adams, 26 (shown on the right) left her children Dominae, five, and three-year old on a street corner in Brooklyn.

Today the devil announced the grand opening of another special wing of hell he likes to call the “RHOA wing.”  It’s where pretentious, delinquent, couth-less women go to die.  During the grand opening speech, he welcomed a Brooklyn mother as his sole inspiration for the project. Continue reading

Parents Pull Kids from Texas School for Rioting and Crime (Video)

Riot in Dekaney high school in Houston, Tx., caught on video.

America’s education system is upside down.  Daily we hear numerous stories of mayhem out of schools across the country on every level from kindergarten to high school.  The students are actually surviving each day of school rather than experiencing a productive day of education.  Texas is now on the radar for a school that has seen rioting and violent activity on a regular basis. Continue reading

White Woman Sentenced to 100 Months for Lying on Black Men

Bonnie Sweeten was sentenced to 8 years and 4 months for swindling her employer and family for nearly $1 million Friday, January 27, 2012.

Historically, there have been cases where white men and women have committed crimes and have used black men and women as their scapegoat out of harm’s way.  But only now, are those that commit these awful crimes being brought to justice.  Bearing false witness is a horrible injustice that victimizes the black community twofold by both erroneously incarcerating African Americans and perpetuating a more than invalid stereotype. Continue reading

Man Startled to Find His Image on Diabetes Ad on NYC Billboards

Be careful of those photographers or ad reps that are offering to put you or your child into the “business” by taking your photograph.  They will have you sign a waiver that will limit your rights to how the photos are used or any additional monies.  One man is suffering the consequences of similar actions several years ago. Continue reading

Teacher Allows Children to Play ‘Slave Game’ of Tag

One teacher has stretched the boundaries of educating children on the subject of slavery far beyond the guidelines of her position.  Picture this:  “Time to go to recess children.  How about we play a game of “Catch the Slave.”  It’ll give you a good idea of what happened many years ago.  Now!  Tameka come over here and be the first slave to be caught today!” Continue reading

Black Teenager Attacked by White Classmates with a Noose

Joshua Merritt, 16, was held hostage and threatened with a knife at his classmate's home December 23, 2011.

There is so much drama in high school between kids.  Whose clothes are the best?  Who has the latest this or that? Did she say that about me? And oh yeah, Is that black guy messin’ with his white cousin?  And then it’s on.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Joshua Merritt, 16, thought his day was going like any other when one of his classmates invited him Continue reading

South African Tempers Flare Over Interracial Poster

Poster comprised by student division of Democratic Alliance in South Africa is condemned by politicians.

Apartheid is dead, Nelson Mandela is free, and now South Africa houses luxury resorts where they host people of all races including Atlanta’s Housewives (You can call them “Real,” we will not).  The only color that seems to matter is green.  But, just when we thought that was true, an interracial poster pops up and South Africans begin to show their true colors. Continue reading

Cruise Line Offers Disaster Victims Less than $15,000 for their Trouble

The 21st century Titanic that occurred January 13, has left families broken by the death of their loved ones and some of them that have gone missing and the rest are distressed from simply surviving the ordeal.  And now it comes to the awkward time where a price tag is put on all of the lives that were shaken by the disaster. Continue reading