Dave Chappelle Gone Buff?

Dave Chappelle beefed up!

Dave Chappelle has been off the radar for so long that people were wondering if he’d ever come back to comedy.  But it appears he’s been in the lab working on something new.  A new look!  We were hoping for a new show or movie, but if they are, they will be action-related.

Yes! Dave Chappelle has hit the streets of New York as the newest action hero of comedy.  He shocked onlookers last weekend with his big guns, according to TMZ.com.  The biceps are noticeably super charged and his entire body has taken on a complete overhaul.

He’s obviously taken some time to run past a few burgers and some weights.  What do you think about his new look?  Sexy?  Or do you advise that he stop here? 

-J.C. Brooks

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