Director’s Post ‘Sh*t Black Girls Say’ Meets with Controversy (Video)

Houston comedian Billy Sorrells plays the role of "Peaches" in a viral video short directed by Elijah Griffin, and called "S--t Black Girls Say."

Some of you may have had a conversation with your girlfriend that has included the “b” word and a few other choice statements while she bangs the heck out of  her head rather than scratching her head because of weave restrictions.  Well, your conversation was recorded and, somewhat, exaggerated.

Elijah Griffin didn’t think he was doing anything wrong making a spoof of a 1980’s video called “S–t Girl’s Say”.  The video titled “S–t Black Girls Say” has reeled in over one million viewers since being launched two weeks ago, according to the New York Daily News.  But, the provocative video has met with controversy because of the stereotypical behavior of African American girls and women.

The goatee toting, wig wearing “woman” in the video is really a Houston, Texas comedian by the name of Billy Sorrells.  The 29-year old comedian, who plays the role of “Peaches”, says they were just trying to amuse themselves with the video.  They had no idea it would go viral.

What do you think about the video?  Is it a joke or do you think the ramifications of such a video are a lot deeper?  And remember, it’s being seen all over the world.  Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks

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