Soldier Paralyzed by Shooting at His Own Welcome Home Party

Christopher Sullivan, 22, (in uniform) was paralyzed by unidentified man (right) at welcome home party.

The devastation of war is expected, but when a soldier comes home and his life shattered by violence, it is beyond comprehension.  And not only was the young soldier a hero in the military, but he was a hero to his family long before he took a bullet for his little brother at his own welcome home party.

According to the L.A. Times, Christopher Sullivan, 22, was freshly home for Christmas and his friends and family wanted to celebrate with a party for him.  Things were going well until around midnight when a fight broke out over an argument about football.  The fight was between Sullivan’s little brother and another guy that authorities believe to be gang affiliated.

He shot three times and Sullivan took two hits; one shot that “shattered” his spine.  He had already survived a suicide bomber in Afghanistan where six other soldiers were killed.  He escaped the attack with a fractured sternum and was set to receive a purple heart.  But, now he may never move again from a senseless act of violence in his own home.

Our hearts go out to the Sullivan family and we hope that the justice sought in this case is swift and just.  The only good thing happening for the family is that the man has been arrested and is in custody.  Read the full report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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