(Jokey Joke) Betty White Opens for Monday Night Football (Vie

Betty White is working hard in her older years.  She’s been tackled for Snicker’s,  she’s been a guest on SNL, she’s in more films than ever before, and she’s back on TV with the show Hot in Cleveland.  Now, she’s revisiting her football roots with doing the opener for Monday Night Football last night.

If Betty White was a man, she’d be labeled a dirty old man.  Last night, she welcomed New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons.  Tebow, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan were her targets. She said Ryan’s nickname is Matty Ice, but she’s going to call him Matty Steam cause he’s so hot.  She also said she’d been yelling  Who dat? at her cat since yesterday morning.

Check her out! Betty White keeps herself young with jokes!

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