Facebook Post Lands Dumb Thieves in Jail (Video)

Isaiah Cutler, 18, and two unnamed juveniles rob a store, then Cutler places this incriminating photo on his Facebook page.

Christmas is over and the idiots are on the loose.  And police might have taken this crime to be just some young boys pulling a prank, but when they made off with $8,000 and other valuable items, all bets were off.  Stealing a carton of cigarettes is like making off with a Rolex these days.

Three young Pittsburgh punks were out to make a name for themselves and possibly get up the money they needed for the new Air Jordans.  Whatever the reason, the three stooges–two of them 14– robbed Elliott’s Town Market and got away scott free.  Well, until the OLDEST of the three, 18-year old Isaiah Cutler, posted the incident on Facebook.

Kinda reminds you of the rapper, we told you about last week, right? Freddie Gibbs out there walking through TSA with two bags of weed.  Makes you wonder about the education system that produced all four of these nitwits.  One of the 14-year old’s grandmother came and collected his hind parts from jail, but they’re still looking for Cutler.  Check it out.

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