UPDATE: FedEx Guy on Ice, Monitor Replaced…now a Song? (Video)

The FedEx guy, who obviously, was once employed as a paper boy,  must have gotten the shock of his life when he realized that he was on the Internet in a viral video produced by the homeowner he had last serviced.  The home where he hurled the man’s computer monitor over his fence and broke it.

According to Yahoo! News FedEx has issued a statement saying that they have taken care of the situation by “handling the employee according to our disciplinary policies ” and replacing the man’s broken monitor.  But, an innocent bystander has decided he would chime in on the situation with a song from the FedEx guy’s point-of-view.

There are several folks that thought they’d get in on the fun via YouTube, but this guy is hilarious with his nightclub style. He is also trying his best to sound like Michael Jackson as he sings his tune to the beat of “We Are the World”.  Needless to say, he changed the words.  Check him out!

-J.C. Brooks

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