Special Message at Christmas…Hope You CAN’T Keep Her Secret (Video)

The Christmas season is a time we should all reflect on what is really important in our lives.  No, fellas! Not your XBox 360.  No ladies! Not your Christian Louboutin’s.  The people who love you.  The people who have prayed for you and continue to pray for you.  The reason for the season, JESUS CHRIST!

There is one young lady who identified herself via index card as Ashley.  She is 22, in the Navy since she was 17 and has Multiple Sclerosis.  She has an uplifting story to tell about her condition.  She asks if we can keep a secret, but what she shares in her video presentation should not be kept under our hats.  We should shout it to the world.

One of her lessons is:  

“Sometimes God calms the storm, & sometimes God lets the storm rage & calms his child.” 

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!  We appreciate your loyalty to our site and we are committed to giving you information that keeps you safe, uplifted, and from time-to-time grossed out, but also inspired.  Merry Christmas.  Enjoy this message.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Special Message at Christmas…Hope You CAN’T Keep Her Secret (Video)”

  1. I had to review the short article two times to make certain I understood everything you were stating. I understand … ridiculous me. I completely agree. Sadly many individuals will not even pay this much attention since they have their own agendas.

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