Christmas Throwback from Nike…Kobe, LeBron and Santa (Video)

A couple years ago we jumped at the opportunity to show the newest Nike commercial featuring Kobe, LeBron and the big man himself, Santa Claus.  And now that LeBron and Kobe are having such a rough time, we thought we’d send them a little Christmas cheer by showing them how things used to be.

They were still as competitive as ever.  Out there on the court dunkin’ on Blitzen and his homies when they called them out to the basketball court.  But, it was all good!  All fun!  You can even hear LeBron giving a shout out to Akron.

LeBron’s in Miami and hated by all of Ohio (especially Cleveland), Kobe’s in divorce court and well, things might be pretty bad for the brothas.  So here’s some fun for you! And something light for those two  to remind them to travel light and keep it easy.  Enjoy!  Shout out to KRS-1!

-J.C. Brooks 

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