Jokey Joke: Santa Claus’ IT Solutions to Running a Smooth Business (Video)

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the Santa Claus stories and cartoon films that come on at Christmas time.  ABC Family shows all of them.  You can be transported back to the 70s in moments once Rudolph, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town and The Year Without a Santa Claus hits your screen. Who can forget Heat Miser and his brother Snow Miser?  They are an all-time favorite!  But somewhere along the way, Santa got updated to maximize his one delivery day potential and now he’s using Outlook, Facebook, Twitter and has the kids e-mailing their lists now.  And according to his new IT professionals that are keeping his system from crashing, he has 3 billion e-mails waiting to be read.

CDW has taken over the day-to-day IT issues at the “new”  North Pole.  The VP or Chief Information Elf, Larry Elf, oversees all of Santa’s technology.  It isn’t easy for him either as he’s been with Santa for more than five centuries.  Santa is clear on telling Larry “I don’t get technology, I give technology.”  So it’s all up to Larry and CDW.

As the world has grown, it was necessary to change I guess.  The man is servicing billions of lil’ children all over the world.  What better way to run a global operation than to get online.  He might be on Amazon and eBay right now.  Well, we’ll always have the Christmas classics on ABC Family and their 25 Days of Christmas.  Check out CDW and what’s REALLY going on at the North Pole.

-J.C. Brooks

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