Brother Eats Cocaine from Brother’s Butt and Dies (Video)

Deangelo Mitchell, 26, talked his little brother into eating cocaine he had packed in his butt, so that police would not charge him with his third strike. His brother died.

Bear with us, we’re trying desperately to find the words for this story.  There is no possible way to comprehend what was going on in the minds of these two brothers in the back of a squad car when one decides that his little brother must eat cocaine he had packaged in his rear end.

According to the New York Daily News,  brothers, Wayne, 23,  and Deangelo Mitchell, 26, were picked up for a broken tail light in Charleston, South Carolina and from there everything went really wrong.  There was much more in the car, but the police officers couldn’t have seen it because it was up Deangelo’s butt.  He was obviously a repeat offender because this was his third strike and he was scared and crying.

The words are not audible from the video, but police said that Deangelo “guilted” his little brother Wayne into taking a package of cocaine from his butt and eating it to hide the evidence.  But, the ounce of cocaine would serve as a lethal cocktail and kill his little brother who he thought could save him from a lifetime inside.  Now nothing could be further from reality.

Check out this tragic story here.

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