NY Teen Stabbed Repeatedly in Head During Basketball Game

Alfredo Allen, 15, was stabbed in the head at least five times during a basketball game dispute with Chevoy Nylon, 16.

Another devastating story out of New York City has hit the news regarding two teenagers in a basketball game.  One took the ball from the other and the other’s cheese slid off the cracker into insanity.  He was so mad that the other guy was a little quicker than him that he ran for a weapon.

According to the New York Daily News, Tuesday, 15-year old Alfredo Allen of Brooklyn’s Erasmus Hall High School was stabbed three times in his head with a pair of scissors that Chevoy Nelson, 16, found inside the school.  Allen wouldn’t give the ball back to Nelson, so they fought and Nelson went searching inside the school and asking for a weapon.

At press time Allen was still in critical condition.  Check out the rest of the story here.

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