Fedex Guy Gets Caught Throwing Monitor (Video)


It’s Christmas time and you’re expecting packages from all types of mail services like the postal service, UPS, and FedEx.  But, are you fearing the condition of your items once they’ve shipped?  There used to be a time when all your packages needed a signature, but not anymore.  Since most mail services have taken that service out of the mix, the couriers have become completely disrespectful to your stuff.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, one mail carrier is on the naughty list.  And judging from the way he hurled this package, he better hope he gets a new job for Christmas.  He’s been doing the ugly courier thing, throwing packages and leaving them.  Hopefully these people will find their computer monitor in the bushes or something.

When you see him hurl this monitor it will make you feel like coming through the computer screen and slapping him around because you’re thinking of all the stuff you’ve ordered online and are still expecting before Christmas.  Check him out!  He would’ve got a beatdown had they caught him.

-J.C. Brooks

5 thoughts on “Fedex Guy Gets Caught Throwing Monitor (Video)”

  1. Can you believe this fool? I am sure if the shoe was on the other foot and he was the recipient he would think differently than to toss someone’s parcel across the gate like this. I would hope there was some type of bedding to soften the fall of this monitor, if not, this fool should be banned from ever delivering to anyone – not even to a prison facility! This fool has opened up a can of worms because whether or not he’s aware of this – there’s going to be so many complaints levied at Fedex, especially with people ordering tablets from Amazon and a host of other on-line shoppers! FedEx stock will surely fall as a result of this video going VIRAL as well. Pink Slip and unemployment is around the corner for this unthinking individual. I sure hope he saved up some money for a rainy day because it looks like he’s going to need it!

  2. If you’ve ever returned an item because it was damaged, you already know it can be a very painstaking process. It might be weeks before you get a replacement or a credit. Sometimes the company or their representatives even act like you’re the culprit. Kudos to the customer who has demonstrated how poor customer service has become. He didn’t have to send the damaged item back. It was easier to send that footage viral. The power of the video tape…Priceless!

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