Maya Angelou Got Beef with Common over N-word in Her Song Collabo

Maya Angelou and Common in happier times.

Now what is going on with Common?  Has he been smokin’ that weed with Freddie Gibbs?  He is a self-respecting, community building brother that knows the N-word is in Maya Angelou’s no fly zone and she is not going to let it slide.  He knows he better respect his elders, especially our royalty.

According to the New York Post, Maya Angelou is not happy with Common at all.  She feels the wool has been pulled over her eyes and she’s “disappointed” with her friend.  Common told the Post that she knew that he used the word, but unfortunately, he didn’t share with her that he would be using it in their collaboration. 

There’s a serious misunderstanding between the two and what he shared with her as his vision for the song when she wrote lyrics like:

“From Africa they lay in the bilge of slave ships / And stood half naked on auction blocks /. . . and still they dreamed.”

We love you to death, Common!  But no matter how you slice this one brotha, that was a baaaad call!  You heard her recite these words and you still decided to talk about living in Miami with “exquisite thick bitches” ?  C’MON SON!  When she taught you to stay true to your voice, she didn’t mean when she was on the track.  Check out the story here.



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  1. This IS disappointing. However, I’d like to hear the song for myself and have my own opinion first. I’m not saying it’s ok to use the word, but his point may have some validity. I’m looking online for the song now.

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