Male Yoga Break Dancing? (Video)


The headline of this story is not deceiving.  Somehow pop locking has elevated to the next level of break dancing and break dancing is now …well…going too far.  There are moves involved in Yoga Break Dancing that yoga specialists will have difficulty trying to pull off.

The guy in the video has his weight as an advantage.  He’s about a buck o’ five, soakin’ wet, with a brick in his pocket.  And obviously, by the speed and precision of his moves, he’s been doing yoga for some time.  But having the ability to do yoga is only half the battle.  Everyone knows that yoga is done in slow movements.  Now speed up the pace and see if you can hang.

Check him out.  Since he’s setting the bar so high, we don’t have to worry about his moves becoming a staple on the dance floor.

-J.C. Brooks

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