NYC Woman Burned to Death By Man She Allegedly Owed Money

Jerome Isaac, 47, burned Deloris Gillespie to death in her apartment building elevator, Sunday, December 18, 2011.

Is it really that rough out here in this economy that someone has to come collecting debts as though they are one of Sweet Daddy’s henchmen?  There is a story out of New York that has hard-edge homicide detectives cringing and having bad dreams.

According to the New York Times, Jerome Isaac, 47, is a real nut job that dressed up like an exterminator and gained access to a woman’s building with the intention of setting her on fire.  He obviously waited for her outside her apartment to carry out his twisted crime.  By the time Deloris Gillespie, 73, saw him she didn’t have any way to escape.

She was preparing to exit her apartment building elevator when Isaac blocked the doors and doused her with a flammable liquid all over her face and body.  He then lit a Molotov cocktail and threw it into the elevator.  Gillespie had employed Isaac and others in need or homeless to do odd jobs for her.  One week before Christmas, she was burned to death?  By someone she had been helping?

Isaac is in custody facing first and second degree murder charges.  Read the full report here.  Rest in peace Ms. Gillespie.  For you and others who have lived their lives for others, it was not in vein.

-J.C. Brooks

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