FCC Bans Loud Commercials

Have you ever been watching your favorite show, you’re all comfy on the couch, the volume at a normal decibel and then it’s time for a commercial. The commercial scares the bejeezus out of you with a volume far exceeding what you were watching!  It has you so frazzled you’re angry that you have to turn the volume down and when your show returns you can’t hear it.  You begin to engage in the volume game where you incessantly change the volume to turn down commercials and turn up your show.

But according to MSNBC, the FCC has finally received enough complaints about the volume difference between tv shows and commercials.  Last week, the CALM Act, authored by Representative Anna Eshoo and signed into law last December, was finally implemented. The television stations around the country now have to ensure that the commercial volume does not exceed the program’s volume.

The FCC had received complaints about this issue for decades, so Eshoo’s idea was a shoe-in for acceptance. Have you noticed the difference yet?  Check out the full report here.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “FCC Bans Loud Commercials”

  1. It always happens on the worst time doesn’t it? I was in a good sleep just yesterday on my couch only to be wakened by a dang commercial. I don’t even remember the commercial because as soon as it happened I turned off the TV. I know that the FCC is doing something about it but I heard they aren’t having it be in affect until December of 2012. That is just crazy isn’t it? I’m not waiting anymore for them to do anything. I already have DISH service so all I need now is their new Hopper. The Hopper has an awesome feature that levels out the volume of commercials. I think it is the best thing that any equipment could do. I even seen it in action, since I work for DISH and it are works. Having TruVolume is really amazing. You have to check it out for yourself but don’t wait forever until you do get it.

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