Erykah Badu Hits Back at Those Judging Her Third Baby and Three Baby Daddies

It’s not clear who said and what all was said, but Erykah Badu wasn’t amused and took to her blog to tell folks how she felt about their responses to the announcement of her third baby.  She was honest and open about her babies and their daddies.  She took it to the “so-called” Christians who are first to judge this type of situation.

On her blog, she was quite hurt that folks would lash out at her and her decision to have three babies with three “baby daddies.”  Her first inclination was to go off, but she said a few choice words, calmed down, but then she regressed.  But most of her words, were words to grow on.  She begins:



ive never been so disgusted in all of my life .
there is no other place i used to enjoy more .
i post no where else .
you guys have taken an all time low , tho.


i am a great mother and care giver to my 2 children and to this world .
my children are 2 of the kindest and happiest people i have met.
I home schooled them and taught them the ways of good to the best of my ability.
i am their doctor and their nurse .
and even sometimes their mother and their father.”

Go head Errrykah! We got your back!  Check out the rest of her here..

-J.C. Brooks

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