2-Year-Old Rap Prodigy Freestyles in Viral Video (Video)

Two-year-old rap prodigy Khaliyl Iloyi raps with his dad while brother Kieyen looks on.

The best rap concert you’ve ever been to won’t prepare you for the musical stylings of the two-year-old rap prodigy sweeping the Internet.  The toddler has the moves and the sound to compete with any of rap’s finest and they will have to drop the mic for him.

According to The Root, little Khaliyl Iloyi is ready to be the next member of his parent’s rap group.  His mom and dad, Roucheon Iloyi and Femi Iloyi, respectively, make up the group Royal Priesthood.  Khaliyl is an Internet sensation and it was reported that Ellen Degeneres said on her show, she wants “one of them.”  Her excitement must have walked her into that very poor choice of words.

Khaliyl’s older brother Kieyen, who can be seen sitting next to Khaliyl while he raps with his father, also showed early signs of musical ability.  He’s also online rapping with his mom when he was only three years old.  Check them out below.

-J.C. Brooks

Kieyen rapping with his mother:

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