Michele Bachmann Gets Chilly with Lesbian’s Son (Video)

Michele Bachmann asks Elijah to repeat himself at her book signing, not knowing that it would be a remark defending his gay mother.

Michele Bachmann has been known for her homophobia.  She and her husband even had a clinic where they thought they could “fix” homosexuals.  Her husband thought he could counsel them “straight;” calling it “reparative therapy.” 

According to Huffington Post, a recent book signing in South Carolina for Michele Bachmann’s book, “Core of Conviction: My Story,” put her face-to-face with the “problem” she feels she is crusading against in America.  A little boy named Elijah and his mother walked up to her and he said something Bachmann couldn’t hear.

But when she asked him to come closer and repeat himself, you could see her blood run cold as she heard him say, “My mom is gay and she doesn’t need fixing.”  I agree with others that putting the child up to say this was a step over the line on the mother’s part.  It’s okay to let him say what he wants to say from his own heart on the issue, but it looks like the mother coaxed him.  It probably left Bachmann feeling vindicated for her ideas.  Her belief that in some way homosexuals are morally broken was not repaired with this gesture.  What do you think?  Check it out below.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Gets Chilly with Lesbian’s Son (Video)”

  1. I think the little boy cracked that fake smile on her face. But, mom was wrong for putting her child up to that, no matter how you feel on the issue. JMO.

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