Detroit Mother Sacrifices Her $96K Home for A Van

A Detroit disabled mother of six, LaWanda Flake, traded her home for solid transportation.

This is a real Christmas story out of Detroit.  It’s a story that some may find controversial or confusing, but the mother only saw as doing the best she could for her children.  The home she lived in was a blessing for another family and their van was a blessing to her.

According to Yahoo! News, a disabled mother of six children, LaWanda Flake, thought it was the best thing for her family when she decided to trade her home for a minivan that would provide sound transportation for her and her children.  Michigan winters can be brutal, so having good transportation can be detrimental to families; especially when the bus system in the embattled city has been under fire for its delays.  Just last month, we reportedon how the busses were shut down due to a bus driver being assaulted by six men.

Flake and her six children will be moving into another home that she was able to purchase for $3,600.  Check out the story here.  You’ll be surprised to find out who once owned her new home.

-J.C. Brooks

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