Candy Man ‘Tracks’ 55K Per Year on NYC Subway (Video)

Candy man Alex "Tracks" McFarland, 24, sells his candy on the New York City subway at a rate of $55k per year.

The NYC subway just gained some major bonus points with the help of one young entrepreneur that has built his own business one M&M at a time since he was 11 years old.  He gives young people an alternate way of thinking when they believe they’re future is not in their own hands.

According to the Grio, Alex McFarland, 24, is a candy specialist and distributor that travels with his expertise to benefit the patrons of New York’s subway system.  In other words, he sells candy to the passengers on the train for a living…and a pretty good living it is. 

He goes by the moniker “Tracks” and he makes a reported $55k per year to feed his family with his grassroots candy selling business.  In a video documentary taken by Bianca Consunji of New York magazine, he is quoted saying, “There’s no money like your own money.” So true Tracks! So true!

He wanted to break NYPD’s negative perception of  young black men on the streets.  So although he wears a $300 pair of sneakers, he earned them fair and square. 

Check out a day in the life of Alex “Tracks” McFarland here.  He refreshes our thinking and we wish him the best of success.

-J.C. Brooks

NY Post report:

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