Jokey Joke: SNL Lets Herman Cain Vent On Lost Campaign

SNL's Kenan Thompson is Herman Cain and he makes yet another declaration of the suspension of his campaign and all the mistakes that were made and those that still support him.

Now that we’ve all settled into the fact that the country has lost Herman Cain from the Republican Presidential nomination, it’s time for SNL to get their joke on.  If you didn’t see it before now, let us show you the hilarious finale of Herman Cain’s campaign SNL style.

Herman Cain, as we know, has been a joke on the campaign trail from day one.  He probably never thought he’d get as far as he did nor did he think he’d be a frontrunner.  But, if you ask me, SNL really put their finger on the button of what he was really thinking.

Check him out!

-J.C. Brooks

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