Jokey Joke: ‘Christian’ Rapper Calls Out Jay-Z, T.I., and Mary Mary

Christian Rapper Jesus' Daughter calls out Jay-Z and others in the rap and gospel word in her rap.

It is now clear to me after seeing notable Christians like Bishop Eddie Long and the Rev. Jesse Jackson publicly experience their trials and tribulations that some of the congregations might be getting the wrong message.  But now the message is coming out in song…I mean, rap!

A christian rapper by the name of Jesus’ Daughter has a “music video” with a neighborhood backdrop where she might be standing on top of the roof of the building she lives in, rapping and singing about her devotion to God.  She talks about how rappers like Jay-Z and T.I. “ain’t shit” and includes other christian phrases aimed at exposing Mary Mary.

Is this where the “word” is going now?  Let us know….ASAP!

-J.C. Brooks

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