Welfare Couple Living in 1.2 Million Home Finally Caught

Chiropractor, David Silverstein, accepted federal funds from Section 8, that his wife, Lyudmila Shimonova, claimed she needed for her and her two children.

Ok! Ok! Hold up! What in the fraggle nackle bull shiggidy is goin’ on?  How is it that a chiropractor and his wife with their own private business in Seattle, Washington, can collect SSI, WIC, food stamps, and collect a welfare check (okay… just the Social Security) and no one is the wiser for nearly a decade?  If this was common folk, the gig would’ve been up before it could get started and they’d be headed to prison. 

But according to MSNBC, authorities are saying that they’re not even sure they will press charges against David Silverstein and Lyudmila Shimonova .  They will have to pay a few fines and more than $135,000 in Section 8 funds that were subsidized for their 1.2 million dollar home, but so far, that’s about it.  Shimonova claimed to live alone with her two children and rent the waterfront home from David Silverstein.  

On top of living off our tax dollars, they’ve been traveling extensively with our hard earned money while we sit at home vacation-less for years on end.  The report states:

“Michael Radyshewsky, a federal welfare fraud investigator, wrote in an application to search the couple’s home that they took weeklong trips to Moscow in 2003, Dominican Republic in 2005, and Mexico and France in 2009. In 2007, they went for 12 days to Israel, and this past June they took a two-week trip to Turkey.”

Can you believe that?  This is insane.  Is this the real face of welfare that we’ve unwittingly fed for years?  There could very well be many, many more.  Hell!  This may be only one of their homes.  They didn’t have a listed phone number for this home. Maybe this is why so many have had trouble getting the benefits they need to feed real families with real issues.  Please, please someone come out and say what I cannot.  This is a slap in the face like no other.

Read the rest of the report here.

-J.C. Brooks

7 thoughts on “Welfare Couple Living in 1.2 Million Home Finally Caught”

  1. This is just an extreme example of all the fraud pilfering our hard earned tax dollars! This administration is far too eager to literally hand out benefits to welfare, unemployment and now free healthcare for all! It’s gotten beyond ridiculous… There is very limited oversight and we the taxpayers and the truly needy are paying the price to support both the greedy and the unmotivated abusers to earn their own dollar! It’s beyond insane!!! I hope this couple gets more than having to payback the money and fines… Jail would surely be more appropriate for these people as they are obviously accustomed to living ‘the goof life’ on our dime. Pittiful.

  2. Its actually really sad that people play the system the way they do! Like honest folk that really need money get denied everyday for stuff like this, but what’s even more sad I know a woman who is doing the same. She gets paid probably $11-$12 an hr and still collecting $800 in food stamps plus cash assistance and to my understanding she says, “Its all about Location.” So she’s going to welfare offices in “the hood” where a bunch of her race are working and they continue to give her money she doesnt need or deserve! Its pathetic and sad how long people play the system!

  3. SMH. My grandmother was only eligible for $10 a month at the age of 70! I told her it was not worth applying for. This is so sad…..

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