Thief Chooses Wrong Victim to Rob, Gets Beat Down

Anthony Miranda gets his ass kicked while trying to pull off a robbery.

This recession is toughening up more and more people out there.  We just reported on the two in Chicago’s Lincoln Park that ended up being the two stooges because their victims were much smarter, much stronger than them.  Now we have another numb skull who chooses a professional fighter as his prey.

According to the Huffington Post, Anthony Miranda asked a man sitting in his car for a light, but then shoves a gun in his face and demands money.  Well, everything was going okay for him until he got greedy.  He then tells the man to get out of the car.  The only since we can make of it is that he wanted to take his car.  But at that point, not only did the driver open his car door, he also opened a can of whoop ass he had handy.

Miranda was unaware that at this point he was standing face to face with an Ultimate Fighting Champion.  Unfortuately his gun wasn’t being used to scare the man; it was actually loaded and he didn’t know when to use it. So during the tussle, dummy shoots himself in the ankle.  The rest is police story humor for some time.

Read the full story here.

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