Nine-year Old Milwaukee Student Calls Teacher ‘Cute’ Gets Suspended for Sexual Harrassment

Nine-year old Emanyea Lockett and his mother Chiquita Lockett, read the letter sent from the school detailing why he was removed for 2 days for sexual harrassment.

What is going on in the Milwaukee school district?  It seems that they don’t really understand their own rules and regulations for sexual harassment.  How else do you explain a 9-year old student being kicked out of school for saying a teacher is “cute?”

According to Milwaukee’s, the student, Emanyea Lockett, had been reprimanded before for having a little bit of potty mouth.  But, no matter the context, you don’t kick a kid out of school for something like this.  And if he is a bad ass, as the school depicts him in the report, this really isn’t sending the greatest message.  He’s coming out large in the schoolyard rumors.  By the time the story gets back around the school, they would be saying he felt her up and that’s how he got kicked out on a sexual harassment claim.  You know how kids do!

His mother, Chiquita Lockett, is finding it difficult to understand why the school has kicked her son out for two days even after reading the letter with him that was sent from the school.  It really does not make sense.

Check out the full report here.

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  1. EUR:

    This incident did not take place in Milwaukee. This was in Gastonia, North Carolina. Charlotte’s ABC affiliate WSOC broke this story.

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