Rayon McIntosh is free!

God and the grand jury must have heard our prayers and complaints about the incident at a New York McDonald’s that got our main man Rayon McIntosh sent back up the river for defending himself.  We first reported the story on October 16, when he was slapped and backed into a corner by two girls.  But he had just been paroled and they jumped him while he was merely doing his job.  What’s a guy to do?  He beat the, as one of our readers called it, brakes off of ’em!

According to DNAinfo.com, McIntosh was released Friday and inmates at Riker’s alerted him to the grand jury’s decision they saw on the news.  He was “surprised” and “elated”…as he should have been.  The two women weren’t so lucky.  They are still charged with “menacing, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.”

Now this part of the story might get you mad all over again, so hold yourself back or have someone hold you down because the owner of the McDonald’s had this to say:

“I, along with my employees, are happy for Rayon and that he was released and cleared of all charges,” said Carmen Paulino, owner of the West 3rd Street franchise, in a statement Saturday.

“Operating safe, welcoming restaurants is one of my top priorities,” he added, saying that security was added after McIntosh’s dustup.”

Ok! Ok! Settle down…there’s more.  McIntosh has decided to sue the franchise because he and other employees complained about their lack of safety before the incident.  They complained to managers and franchise owners for months that the West 3rd Street McDonald’s needed more security.

Check out the rest of the report here.  Congratulations Rayon!  We support you 200 percent!

-J.C. Brooks

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