10 Year Old’s Choking Death Part of a ‘Game’ Says Parents

Thalian, 10, died from asphyxiation from a curtain wrapped around his neck. Investigators have labeled it suicide, parents say it was a game.

It’s been many years since hearing reports of young kids playing some sort of game that included asphyxiation to get high and/or challenge to bring themselves back to consciousness.  At any rate, it’s a ludicrous game similar to Russian Roulette.  The players may think they are invincible if they don’t do themselves in.  One child’s parents believe he was playing the game, but authorities believe he committed suicide.

According to MSNBC, 10-year old Thalian was found by his brother in an upstairs room of his home with a curtain wrapped around his neck.  Somehow, he got the curtain wrapped around his neck so tight that his mother, Yolanda Cash, couldn’t free him and ended up yanking the whole curtain down from the window.

Authorities reported his death as a suicide, but Thalian’s father, Enzy Curtis, said that his son was not suicidal.  He was too happy all the time to be suicidal.  Both parents said they knew of this choking game that he had tried before.  The asphyxiation induces some sort of “high” that kids repeatedly attempt to experience.

Check out this heart wrenching story here.  It’s a shame that this little boy died like this.  It’s our hope that his death matters by alerting all parents and children to this terrible act or “game” that our children believe is simply a fun experiment.

-J.C. Brooks 

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