Wii Technology Spreads to the…Urinals? (Video)

Some of us can’t seem to put the game controllers down, even if we have to go to the bathroom.  But now there is something that will remedy all those who obsess over their games.  You can now take your game to the bathroom with you. Kinect doesn’t have anything on this “hands free” system.

According to the UK’s Telegraph, the Wii is taking on a whole new meaning.  A London bar owner installed urine operated Wii games in his restroom urinals to test out their ability to draw customers.  But, the draw may not be  to his liquour as much as the restroom.  Picture it!  A bunch of drunks in the bathroom yelling, “Look ma! No hands!”  Depending on one’s aim, they’ll reign supreme at this establishment.

Check out the games below.

-J.C. Brooks

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