Wrestler Faces Over 100 Years in Prison for HIV Exposure

Andre Davis faces between 28 and 112 years in prison for exposing others to HIV without alerting them to his status.

The world is full of decent people who have contracted HIV/AIDS from someone or something accidentally.  But then, you have the nasty people of the world who intentionally spread it as a sense of revenge.  Others that are spreading it are too embarrassed or ashamed to tell their partners they have it because of today’s stigma…which was also yesterday’s stigma.   

According to the Grio, there is one man who will be facing the damage of his choice for a very long time. In the wrestling world, Andre Davis was known as the “Gangsta of Love,” but his stage name was not just some silly made up moniker of fun, it was real and described the lifestyle he had been living.  Davis had numerous partners that he exposed to HIV without disclosing his condition.  The report does not disclose whether they contracted it, but he will now face a minimum of 28 years to 112 years in prison for his choice not to reveal his status.

But the embarrassment and shame could be lessened if the people of the world would first educate themselves about HIV/AIDS.  If that was accomplished, youwouldn’t have the stigma placed upon those who have it.  Our inability to embrace those who have it hurts everyone.  Those who have been made to feel like lepers are reversing their pain through acts like Davis’.

Dr. Monica O’Neal, a licensed clinical psychologist and clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School discusses the Davis’ of the world in the report.  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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