We Remember Iconic African Americans of 2011

Gilbert "Gil" Scott Heron passed on May 27th of this year. He is one of the most profound poets and musicians of our time, who helped build the soundtrack of the civil rights and black power movement of the 70s. He's best known for his poetic song "The Revolution Will Not be Televised."

Every year, we lose members of the African American family that have been instrumental and encouraging to our lives.  Those that have used their talents to increase our lives are worthy of remembrance and this year the list is filled with dynamic individuals of note. Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Aerobic Instructor Let’s One Rip On Live TV

Surely, you have been wondering why you haven’t seen something like this before.  All of these fit and trim folks working out and eating their veggies and “magical fruits,” yet we never think about how “regular” that must keep them.  The foods that are keeping them slim and trim clean the system inside and they must come out. Continue reading

Dave Chappelle Gone Buff?

Dave Chappelle beefed up!

Dave Chappelle has been off the radar for so long that people were wondering if he’d ever come back to comedy.  But it appears he’s been in the lab working on something new.  A new look!  We were hoping for a new show or movie, but if they are, they will be action-related. Continue reading

Verizon Wireless Outages and New $2 Fee for Bill Payments

What the fraggle nackle bull shizzle is this!  Here we go again with yet another company trying to fleece their customers by charging them for charging them.  That’s essentially what is happening when you charge someone a fee for paying for the use of their phone.

Verizon Wireless just saw their 4G buckle under the pressure of use and have yet to explain why the outages have occurred for the service.  Continue reading

Janet Hubert: ‘I Will Never Do Anything with an As*hole like Will Smith’

Fresh Prince of Bel Air's original Aunt Viv, Janet Hubert, is still upset with Will Smith and awaits an apology nearly 20 years after show.

Will Smith has come a long way since his days on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but apparently his longtime nemesis, Janet Hubert, doesn’t think so.  The very public feud between the two, nearly 20 years ago, has managed to resurface in the media again.  Apparently, Hubert will never bury the hatchet…unless she gets to bury it in Will. Continue reading

Trump FALSELY Claims Obama Addressed U.S. for Kwanzaa not Christmas

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama as they address the U.S. for Christmas.

We’re very sorry if you’re annoyed by yet another story on the stupidity of Donald Trump, but if it’s any kind of consolation to you, we are annoyed by it as well.  But we feel it is our duty to keep you abreast of just how stupid he is and always will be.  He is supposed to have a top rate college education, yet he continues to prove he can’t even compete with those who did not go beyond a high school education. Continue reading

Director’s Post ‘Sh*t Black Girls Say’ Meets with Controversy (Video)

Houston comedian Billy Sorrells plays the role of "Peaches" in a viral video short directed by Elijah Griffin, and called "S--t Black Girls Say."

Some of you may have had a conversation with your girlfriend that has included the “b” word and a few other choice statements while she bangs the heck out of  her head rather than scratching her head because of weave restrictions.  Well, your conversation was recorded and, somewhat, exaggerated. Continue reading