Woman with 15 Children Arrested, Evicted and Blames State for Her Problems (Video)

Angel Adams with her 12 children in a hotel room after being evicted from their apartment.

The “system” has been blamed for dropping the ball for a lot of needy, at-risk families.  In a lot of cases, their disorganized bureaucracy has cost children their lives and shattered families forever.  But, in this particular case it appears that the system may have been somewhat exhausted.

According to several news sources in Tampa, Florida, Angel Adams, 36, is homeless after being evicted from an apartment with 12 of her 15 children.  Three of her children are old enough to support themselves and the rest of the children’s ages range from 11 years old to six months old.  Adams has 10 of her children with her fiance’ Gary Brown, Sr., and said that after he was arrested and social services got in her life everything went wrong.

After reporters investigated through the department of Children and Families what type of assistance they had been offering Adams, they found that she had her rent paid and her apartment furnished.  Adams felt that wasn’t enough.  She turned to news camera during one report and said:

“Somebody needs to pay for alllllllllllll my children! And my and Gary, and all our suffering and our pain!  Somebody needs to be held accountable! Somebody needs to pay!” 

According to reports, there was quite a stir of controversy over her disposition toward the system that had pulled out the stops to pay her bills and rent.  It really wasn’t clear why she was evicted from the apartment, but apparently there were too many people for that size domicile.

Her sense of “entitlement” from the social services programs is almost unbearable to watch; especially during a time when everyone is coming up short financially.  She is blaming the system for her inability to provide for her 12 children.  But, this is a clear case for birth control.  WHERE WAS IT ALL HER LIFE?  But once she came up against a judge that had the final word over her situation and shut her up in a cell for contempt of court, her tuned changed.  The judge merely wanted to know if she was pregnant and she would not answer.  But her visit within the penal system seemed to change her disposition…completely.

There are a lot of twists and turns and information that comes out as several news agencies report on the family.  One report said that her children had been taken from her before and it was 10 months before she came to see them.  By the end of this report, all of her children were taken and several made wards of the state.  But, all of the children initially went to a “special” place where all of them could be kept together.

What do you think about her situation?  Is she right for demanding that social services take care of her and her family?  And what does she mean that it’s their fault that she’s in the situation she’s in? Inquiring minds want to know.  Check her out!

-J.C. Brooks

37 thoughts on “Woman with 15 Children Arrested, Evicted and Blames State for Her Problems (Video)”

  1. No matter what “choices” parents makes it’s the CHILDREN that suffers.

  2. I can’t believe this breeder went on national television stating ” “Somebody needs to pay for alllllllllllll my children” !!! Really? And what the heck is this idiot dude thinking about trying to marry her nastee behind. It does say Sr. So maybe he’s like 90 years old!!! Just take out her ENTIRE reproductive system!!! And FLUSH IT.

    STOP ALL WELFARE. If you cannot afford them, don’t have them.

    it is not MY JOB to take care of YOU!

    Moron. The state welfare systems must cease and desist because they are perpetuating bad choices and ignorance.

    STOP WELFARE NOW. work for what you have.

  4. This irresponsible woman is indicative of what is wrong with America. She should suffer the consequences of her bad choices and live under a bridge. Make sure she has no more children. We need to quit coddling people like this. She adversely affects every tax payer.

  5. Lordy! Help those kids. They should have addressed her issue long time ago. But, her statement “Somebody’s gotta pay for ALLLLL my children!” really takes the case. It seems like she has never tried to help herself. The system has let her and many other moms get away with collecting financial aid without “doing” anything to reciprocate. Anyone seeking assistance has to be in a program that helps them get on their own two feet. Pulling out program all together I think is unnecessary, but the management of it needs to change. If she was busy in a back to work program plus night school, she would be too tired to have more babies, I think. not 15, at least. Now everybody pays. Too bad this will be broadcasted to make her the poster child for the welfare system. But, it definitely needs a major overhaul.

  6. And we wonder what is wrong with the welfare system. Dont give the kids back and tie her damn tubes!

  7. Welfare system should be held responsible for making her and her fiance pieces of $#@!! I dare you blame the state for not paying your bills!!!!!!

  8. Ridiculous. She has no right demanding it.

    However, it’s a little late to be reiterating what she “should have” done, because she apparently didn’t listen. She didn’t make smart decisions and judging by right now, she can’t make any reasonable decisions. If the state is already paying for her children’s rent, food, and furniture then why don’t they just take them away from her? She can’t take care of them. And she shouldn’t be getting anything free just because she put her children in this situation.

  9. I think that this is absolutely absurd!! This is a huge issue! I honestly don’t have a problem with helping someone get on their feet, but openly say that you EXPECT the government not to HELP, but to just completely take care of you and your family FOREVER is just beyond me. I tell you what, the only person needing to be held accountable is her!!!! Furthermore, I think that when someone is on Welfare already and continue to have children obviously KNOWING that they can not care them as needed, that it should be considered Child Neglect, and they be put in jail. Ridicilous what the U.S. has allowed to happen with this system.

  10. Someone does need to be held accountable, and that someone would be the persons that chose to have a pack of kids that they would not be able to look after.

  11. This woman is exactly what people think of when they think of the welfare system and that’s quite sad. Have you EVER heard of another case like this? Everyone’s so shocked because this isn’t the norm. There are plenty of people who actually need that support and are working hard to make life better for themselves and their families and yet since they don’t get on the news and complain no one notices them. They only notice the rare case like this.

  12. I no longer have compassion for any situation like this. however..put the children in an orphanage and forget about this person who does nothing more then breathe and breed..

  13. again…its the american way. dumb fucking asshole! Children deserve better than that. Some of these type of americans need to be stripped of there so called entitlements and get a taste of reality. STOP Welfare!!! Occupy a job!!!!

  14. I think the kids are best off with the mother and together. I can understand her getting upset at at woman from the state calling herself a “house mother”. She wants her children, and to her it seems that with the state she is in a no-win situation, jumping through hoops to no avail with her family separated. Even if she has a sense of entitlement, the State should never force sterilization or abortion, even though that was not mentioned. What’s best for the kids is often to be kept together with their natural parents, rather than separated and in foster care or orphanages. The state should offer support to keep them all together and to educate the mother and father to help them support themselves better in the future. This is a better job for charity rather than the state, though. A church could probably help them in a more profound way than the state.

  15. I wade in late. I sympathize with those kids and my heart goes out to them. It is sad when parents hold their kids at ransom. However, I firmly believe in teaching a person to fish, instead of just handing them a fish. The government agencies need to help this woman to empower herself to rise above the “hole” she has dug for herself. She needs to use the brain and talent God gave her not “only” for having kids but for empowerment. Woman Get a Life and Teach Your Kids to be Self Respecting Proud Black People. We have overcome Slavery. Emancipate yourself from your dungeon and Rise.

  16. Almost all of whatever you claim is supprisingly accurate and that makes me ponder the reason why I hadn’t looked at this with this light before. Your piece really did switch the light on for me personally as far as this subject goes.

  17. I am SICK of paying for other peoples’ kids!!!! Somebody should have fixed her after about #3 of those many children. Why can’t she get a job??? This and MANY others like her are a burden and give the people that truly need help a bad name. She makes me sick!!! Why don’t you and your many baby daddies support your own damn kids.

  18. No one owes Angel anything, get a job, stay away from men and live your own life on your own skills and responsibility. We are in this economic mess for this very reason – this is why Congress keeps raising our taxes.

  19. You can thank our Dear Leader for eliminating the “WORKfare” part of the welfare system. No doubt it will simply encourage freeloaders such as this beauty. At 36 she can have many more kids, perhaps landing a few more baby daddies to enlarge the gene pool. Hmmmm. Wonder if her mother was married to her father, and if either one had a job. Kids do need role models after all.

  20. This is what’s wrong with our society. No one owes them anything. Get a job and earn a living.

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  22. While the government is so concerned with abortions they need to take a look at caring for the likes of people like this IDIOT. They cannot tell her how many to have again not the concerns of the government, BUT they can say that WE will ONLY pay for 3. Then too, while you seek employment and education to obtain a job that will better support you and your family. Now if you choose to have MORE than 3 – that is on you. Taxpayers should not have to foot that bill. Then those on support should NOT be allowed to remain on it forever. The system is flawed in that if they try to do better the minute they accept a job they are CUT from assistance. Who can live that way? They then opt to stop working and go back on the system. There needs to be some overlap so that they can get caught up vice put further behind by taking the support once they report having a job even before they get a first check. No one can Survive like that. Which is why they return to the system. This IDIOT feels a sense of entitlement and has been “taken care of” for far too long. Like GOD, the system needs to help those who helps themselves. She is sitting back and letting those poor babies suffer behind it. We cannot afford to take care of them Allllll and neither can she! Beyoind that all I can say is WOW!

  23. Lisa, did you read the paragraph that said she didn’t visit her children for 10 months after they were taken away the first time? These children actually need to be as far away from this ingrate as they can possibly get. Just think. Here are 15 people that are going to grow up with the same values as their sperm donors. As far as the children needing to be with this simpleton, children would rather be FROM a broken home than IN one. She needs to be imprisoned for child endangerment. It’s almost a given that she gets pregnant as soon as she can after the last birth. Where do you think all this activity takes place? At romantic getaways? I’ll let you think on that one. That was the fear the judge had for these children. The environment they are being exposed to. If you think these children belong with this mental midget, I hope you don’t even think about breeding.

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