Video: Sherri Shepherd Melts Butter with her Boobs!?

Sherri Shepherd shares cooking advice with Nate Berkus on his show with Aaron McCargo on his show in November.

Sherri Shepherd has been known as the funny woman of The View on ABC, but she often takes her funny on the road.  She ended up on the Nate Berkus show earlier this month and taking part in a cooking segment.  Nate is wondering if he picked the right person to cook with him though after Sherri’s advice.

According to Mediaite, while cooking on Nate’s show with Aaron McCargo Jr. from the Food Network’s “Big Daddy,”  Sherri started hitting the rum from the recipe and giving out unconventional cooking advice.  The big boobed gal told Aaron and Nate that she places frozen butter under her boobs to melt it  for cooking.

Both of the men let her know that her advice might not work for them.  Check out the funny video:

-J.C. Brooks

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