Fly Like a Celebrity and Rent a Private Jet from Virgin America

It must be nice for those celebrities that can afford to jump on private jets and dash off to exotic locations. We watch MTV Cribs and dream of the lifestyle, but now it may be within reach.  All we need is about 150 of our closest friends to go in on the gas and we’re set.

According to Yahoo! News, Virgin America is offering their line of jets to anyone who wants to channel their inner P. Diddy and order one for the weekend.  They will even let you and your posse name your plane. 

The pricing is what you’re waiting for, right?  Well, it’s only $60,000?  Calm down! Calm down!  How many friends do you have?  Get half of your Facebook friends together and order one today!  Forget that party bus!

Read the full report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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