Cell Phone Video Catches Baltimore Teacher Fighting Student (Video)

Baltimore County teacher gets in the face of one of his students at Youth in Transition school in Baltimore County September 2011.

There is yet another controversial ass whoopin’ going viral on the Internet.  This time it is not a father and son, but teacher to child.  And this would not be the first time.  There have been other altercations between teachers and students in Baltimore that have made national news.

According to Baltimore’s local NBC affiliate, WBAL, news reporters weren’t given much  information about the student or the teacher.  But another student caught the altercation between the teenage boy and his teacher on his cell phone.  The incident occurred in September, but has gone viral since being recently released on WorldStarHipHop.com  The two are arguing outside the Youth in Transition School in Baltimore County, run by the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives. The private school is described on their website as a “special education school, focusing on students with autism and emotional and intellectual disabilities.”

The teacher seems to blow his top with the student and tries to get him to hit him, so he can have him removed from the campus.  The dialogue from the dispute goes like this:

“If you ever want to get real, you let me know. I can meet you. I know where you stay. I’ll be there,” the teacher was telling the student in the video. “Let me end it for you. You don’t want to go to school, I will make sure you don’t go to school anymore.”

While it appears that the student may have challenged the teacher in the classroom and the teacher was trying to show him that he wasn’t as bad as he thought he was, the teacher’s method crossed the line and resulted in his termination from the school and the school contacting Child Protective Services. 

But we want to hear what you think about the teacher’s actions.  Do you think he went too far and he should’ve been terminated?  Or was this a “Lean On Me” situation that, were it not caught on video, may have done the boy some good?  Judge for yourself.

-J.C. Brooks


9 thoughts on “Cell Phone Video Catches Baltimore Teacher Fighting Student (Video)”

  1. Teachers dont make enough money and that kid doesn’t want to go to school and he is disrespectful to boot. Yes, the teacher should have walked away but i understand.

  2. I agree with the earlier poster, the teacher should have walked away. He should have taken the moment when he went inside to try to calm down. Having said that, however, I don’t think the average person understands what it’s like to deal with kids who don’t want anything positive you have to offer them and who are so disrespectful. And don’t say that “if they can’t accept their behavior and work with them they shouldn’t be in that job,” because trust me, the people who say that would’t last a New York minute! Observe one of these situations for one day and you will walk out with a new attitude.

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  5. To be honest,I found this HILARIOUS. But to be real I think the teacher shouldn’t have gotten fired maybe suspended but not fired because he didn’t really physically harm that bad little ignorant boy. And that boy should be suspended as well. He should know better then to talk back to his elders. I wouldn’t really see anything wrong with how the teacher handled this type of situation if he had parent permission to do so to teach that bad little boy a lesson, like some schools have done in the passed to let teachers and principles discipline their child WITH PERMISSION.

  6. If I ever meet that teacher I would shake his hand for showing restraint. Fat boy needs a good beatdown to learn who is boss. These thugs need to learn consequences of their disrespect and disruption.

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