5-Year Old Arrested for Assaulting Officer?

Five-year old Michael Davis was arrested and taken off school property without any notification to his parents.

The education system in America is slipping away from all of our children as administrators in the public schools consistently fail our children.  There are incidents far too numerous to discuss here that prove that their approach to educating our children, with and without learning disabilities, is unsuccessful.  Because one school couldn’t control one little boy, they had a cop come in to scare him.  Unfortunately, Little Johnny isn’t easily intimidated.

According to Gawker.com,  Rio Calaveras Elementary of Stockton, California, sees 5-year old Michael Davis as a menace.  But, his mother describes him as an “energetic, loving, good kid.”  What mother wouldn’t try to defend her child?  But, in reality, she knows he’s a bad ass and leaves it up to the school to deal with his behavior issues.  They’ve already labeled him with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and was trying to deal with his “issues,” but then, they stepped over the line.

The school requested that officer Frank Gordo come in and try to set the boy straight.  But he was in for a shock of his own when the little boy “batted” his hands away from him and kicked him.  The officer immediately put zip ties on the boys hands and feet and arrested him.  He went so far as to drive the boy to a mental hospital where, hours later, he was still bound when his father picked him up.  All of this happened without one phone call to his mother and father to alert them that he was being removed from the school’s campus.  WOW.

What action would you take at this point?  There should be no stone unturned in an effort to sue the school and have the cop’s ass horse whipped in front of his own police station, so he can assess that his reaction wouldn’t be much worse than how he treated this child.  How does someone in law enforcement feel it unnecessary to call the parent when taking him into their custody?  Maybe he feels he’s above the law.  And what about the school?  If something happened to that child in the police officer’s custody or in the mental hospital……………

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  1. After raising four children to adulthood and all of my 24 nieces nephews and a few cousins And after running a family daycare for about thirty years while raising my family at the same time. A five year old one little boy the school absurd the police man absurd and the parents absurd and ridiculous. Control is the key he is a small child.

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