Man Places Sign on Business ‘We Are Not Hiring Until Obama is Gone’

Yet another tea party, republican, nut case is in the news for “expressing himself” on President Obama’s work performance.  The man was obviously looking for trouble with a little stunt he pulled to “expose” the president, but it backfired.  Placing signs on his company trucks saying, “New Policy: We Are Not Hiring Until Obama is Gone”, is a not so subtle way to, as my grandmother would say, get your hat handed to ya!

According to ABC News, Georgia businessman Bill Looman, owner of U.S. Cranes LLC, said he was really trying to send the message that President Obama had fouled up the economy so much that he couldn’t afford to hire new workers.  He figures if Republicans could catch hold of the reins of this country, we would be much better off:

“The buck stops [at Obama],” he said. “He is the leader of this nation and he needs to assume that position and understand it is his fault, ultimately.”

Looman chose to put the signs on his trucks six months ago, but they went viral on the Internet Monday.  His workers that drive the trucks bearing the message have been run off the road and he’s received death threats and phone attacks so bad that he had to change his number.

We’re not condoning these crazy characters position to take it into their own hands to stop Looman’s message, but certainly if we were getting this type of reaction to our business “slogan” we would get the message by now.   It’s obvious that there are those out there that aren’t as gracious as our president about the blame game that suggests he is the beginning and end of all our problems in America.  It’s time for Looman and others like him to pick up a book and do a little research into their concerns.  His beliefs are ludicrous and unfounded.  But what’s new?! 

Read more on the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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