12-Year Old Saves 7-Year Old from Drowning

Justice Pate, 12, looks on with parents as he accepts awards, medals and certificates from Dekalb County, Georgia, for his heroic act of saving a 7-year old boy drowning in a hotel pool in Georgia.

There has been a huge campaign to get African Americans swimming because the unfortunate truth was revealed a couple years ago that blacks and other minorities were not swimming.  In fact, in 2009, 57 percent of the black and Latino community’s children did not know how to swim.  Also, blacks were 2.6 percent more likely to drown than whites in the same age group.

But, it looks like the statistics are taking a great turn for the better as one young hero sprouts up in Georgia.  Twelve-year old Justice Pate sprung into action at a hotel pool where him and his dad, siblings and cousins were relaxing after a day at their family reunion.

Justice saw an indistinguishable figure at the bottom of the pool.  He thought it was a boy, but was unsure.  His dad, Garry Pate, thought it was a “drawing or painting” on the bottom.  But before he could try to look into it any further, his son jumped in and pulled up a seven-year old boy, saving his life.

He has been recognized by several government agencies for his heroic efforts.  Thanks to Justice, a tragedy was thwarted and the boy and his family had plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Read the story of a true hero here.

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