Black Friday Oops! on Baltimore TV Station

This Black Friday was just like any other.  The lines were wrapped around the stores and all of the shoppers abandoned any remnant of home training to get what they wanted .  The day should be re-labeled Fat Friday as a part two to Fat Tuesday.  It’s the only other time of year that people lose all their morals, run through the streets out of their minds in a celebration of greed and/or excess.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Baltimore’s local NBC channel 11, was reporting on the Black Friday shoppers and their antics.  But rather than calling them Black Friday Shoppers, they wrote a caption under a picture of the shoppers at a suburban Baltimore Target store that said “Black Holiday Shoppers.”  Now certainly there are some Asian, Hispanic, and white shoppers that are going to cry foul.

Check out the video of the news report here.

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