AT&T and T-Mobile Merger Condemned by the FCC and Customers

The scary cell phone prices are on the rise with all the features the phones offer.  Digital packages are a must for the 3G and 4G android phones that do everything but clean your home.  But now with AT&T and T-Mobile preparing to merge, the threat of higher prices is in the air.

According to the Huffington Post, the Federal Communications Commission immediately condemned the deal between the two companies in fear that the merger would drive up cell phone prices.  The leading competitor, Verizon Wireless, will be knocked to second place in the amount of customers that will be served by AT&T.

Because the FCC does not want the deal to go forward, the companies have scrapped their FCC application but are still planning to merge.  They are restructuring the deal between the two companies to entice the FCC into an approval.

Read the full report here to see how scared you should be if you’re already an AT&T or T-Mobile customer.

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