Heiress Leaves Millions to ‘Loyal’ Nurse (Video)

Heiress nurse, Hadassah Perry, will receive $34 million from her former employer and friend Huguette Clark.

The awful incident we reported yesterday on the two nurses that waterboarded an 89-year old woman in a nursing home helps us to understand how important a good nurse to the elderly really is. 

Huguette Clark was one of the most wealthy women in the world when she died in September, and by her side till the very end was her loyal “nurse, friend and companion,” Hadassah Perry.  Clark died in September at the ripe old age of 104 years old in Beth Israel Medical Center.  She shielded herself away from the general public for decades inside her 45-room 5th Avenue apartment worth a mere $100 million.

She was so reclusive, she had nothing to do with her family.  At the time of her death, she made it clear, through her will, how she felt about them.  She left nothing to them and millions to her nurse.  According to the Today show, she already owned five homes and a Bentley.

Check out the mysterious story of Huguette Clark and the many vultures that surrounded her fortune.

-J.C. Brooks



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