Purse Snatcher Caught and Stripped Naked (Video)


Purse snatcher in Providencia, Chile, being stripped naked by angry mob.

Did you know that purse snatchers still exist?  Well, we were shocked ourselves because that type of crime is being greeted by a much more aggressive society than ever before.  One purse snatcher in Chile will never be the same after his unsuccessful attempt to snatch a purse and run.

In Providencia, Chile, this guy thought that he was going to have the luck of the 70’s when women just screamed and reported the incident to police.  But, it’s a new day and not only did he have the woman pissed off, but an angry mob who wanted him by any means necessary. 

But not only did they want the purse returned they wanted his skin….and they got it.  He was stripped naked by the crowd.  Check it out below!

-J.C. Brooks

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