Fox News Anchor Breaks News with Rap from Heavy D (Video)

News Anchor, Greg Kelly, is shocked when he learns that Heavy D was behind "Now that We Found Love," during report on his funeral Friday, November 18, 2011.

A lot of us have been singing songs for years and have no clue who the artist is, but love the song.  We also don’t know half the words and oftimes get caught making them up, but that’s another story.  But when you’re in the news business, you’re kinda expected to know the artist and song you’re reporting on.

A New York Fox affiliate’s news anchor, Greg Kelly, was caught by surprise when he discovered that Heavy D was behind the hit song “Now That We Found Love.”  He, along with his co-anchor, Rosetta Scotto, was reporting on the funeral for Heavy D Friday when an outtake of a Heavy D video began to play.  You can hear Kelly’s surprise over the music when he bursts out in song.  He couldn’t believe that it was Heavy D. You can see AND HEAR the complete shock !

Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks



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