Shootout in Chicago Leaves 4 Dead

Cities are getting more violent by the day as tempers run high and money runs low.  The inner cities usually catch the worst of it with urban landscapes becoming more like the OK Corral every day.  The latest senseless act of violence occurred on Chicago’s south side where four ended up dead in a shootout.

According to Chicago’s WGN TV, four men rushed in shooting up a convenience store called The Connect and employees fired back.  A 46-year old man, Ihab Arafeh, was making a delivery to the store when the shooting broke out.  He was killed.  He leaves behind five children.  His oldest son, Zaid Ihab Arafeh, 19, was scheduled to make the delivery with his dad, but went to a friend’s house instead. 

Another victim was a 17-year old boy.  It is unclear whether he was one of the shooters the four shooters that came into the store armed. Why the shooting took place is still a mystery.  If it was supposed to be a robbery no one gained anything.  Senseless!  See the report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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