Jokey Joke: Mike Tyson Spoofs Herman Cain? (Video)

Mike Tyson tests his comedic chops with a spoof of Herman Cain.

Every day we see something more crazy than the day before, and today is no different.   Ever since Mike Tyson got involved with those crazy dudes from The Hangover, he’s changed!  We have no other choice but to believe that he is now looking to become the next Saturday Night Live alum.

People have always made fun of Tyson and now he finally gets his chance to dole out some “fun” of his own.   The ad he put together with is absolutely hilarious!  He’s trying his best to mock Herman Cain saying, “…the Tea Party loves crazy more than they love black.” (Is it just me or is Mike talking faster too?) 

Check it out!  Go Mike!

-J.C. Brooks

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