Fat Joe Exposes ‘Gay Mafia’ in Hip-Hop (Video)

Fat Joe tackles the question of homosexuality in Hip-Hop on Vlad Tv.

There’s been constant rumors of gay rappers and producers in Hip-Hop, but no one, especially the more well known rappers, if they are gay, have felt comfortable enough to come out as a gay rapper.  And I don’t think that needs to mean they will be rapping about gay sex or the women or men they love, but just that they are homosexual with thoughts on the world like everyone else.

Fat Joe was  interviewed recently on Vlad TV about Hot 97’s Mister Cee’s gay controversy over his public lewd act with a man back in April and gays in the Hip Hop community.  Fat Joe went as far as to say that he believes there is a “gay mafia” that runs Hip-Hop.  They are the people that run the whole thing.

He said that he believes he has performed with gay rappers, but don’t understand how in 2011 that folks in all areas of entertainment are still scared to come out and say they’re gay.  He quipped that Lady Gaga runs with the gay community, but he is unclear as to whether she is gay, but no one cares. To say she has a huge following is an understatement.

Whatever the controversies may be surrounding Hip-Hop’s giants, Fat Joe said, “It’s 2011 goin’ on 2012, I think if you gay, rep yo’ set.”

Check him out.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Fat Joe Exposes ‘Gay Mafia’ in Hip-Hop (Video)”

  1. Kelvin, thanks for giving your perspective on this, especially since you were the “victim” here. I think the part that really got on my nerve is that you actually tried to help them avoid problems by pointing something out, yet their customer service on the back end was horrid. So, here it is, and they’ve lost two customers for good.

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